My son zayden was born

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My son zayden was born 7 weeks early just 7 months ago. He is my first child so I honestly never even thought of this scenario. When he was born he needed breathing assistance, he was placed on a CPAP and it caused a tension pneumothorax and almost killed my son. He then had a chest tube placed and was intubated, a few days after being intubated we found out he had a ecoli infection. All of this was too much on our not even 2 week old son and that night he went into shock and respiratory failure. It was the scariest moment of our life, me and my husband didn’t know that to think. He received tons of medications and a blood transfusion and he got better slowly. He remained in the NICU for 6 weeks before he could come home with us. He is now a happy, healthy 7 month old. It is amazing how far these little babies can fight!