A Preemie Registry That Does More

Crystal Ball Health is excited to be starting Preemie Crystal Ball, a preemie registry that will power the research to provide better outcomes data globally not only for researchers and industry across the board but also at NICU bedside, at home and into the adult years.

Simply put, these former premature babies are asking questions about their early birth and want answers. We need to do better by them.  Now.  The power of that is at our fingertips.  

To date there is no such registry in existence until now.  That is where Crystal Ball Health comes in and helps make this desperate need a reality.  

Our goal with Preemie Crystal Ball is to positively influence information, support, policy decisions and outcomes discussions at bedside for the long-term.  We look forward to partnering with preemies as adults, their families, researchers, medical providers and policymakers to make changes that have a lasting positive impact on a former preemie’s life ongoing.  

If you are interested in the long-term outcomes of preemies either as a preemie yourself, a family member, research, medical/therapeutic pro, policymaker, join the movement.  The Preemie Crystal Ball movement.

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